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Aquarium Services

We care about the health of your aquarium and your enjoyment with your mini living reef.  If you need help with your saltwater aquarium or are starting out in the hobby, our hourly service may be right for you.


Our service area range is in the Okanagan Valley of BC, from Armstrong to West Kelowna. The following are the main services we offer:



Water Testing

Vacation Check-ups 

Complete Build *

In home Diagnosis/Quote - 15min $50

Hourly Service - $120 1st hour then $80/hr thereafter 

Half Day (4hrs) $350

Full Day (8hrs) $600

*package pricing for complete builds

We also offer unique services designed to diagnose problems in your reef tank in order to achieve a thriving ecosystem in your home or business. 



The basic package includes testing your tank water’s  Salinity, Ph, Calcium, Alkalinity and Nitrate levels. These fundamental parameters must be within acceptable ranges for a Saltwater aquarium to thrive. 




The advanced package includes the basic package, along with testing for magnesium, potassium, & phosphate levels. The advanced package also includes a detailed written care plan listing all the products you will need along with a chart of their weekly dosing requirements. 





The Deluxe package includes everything the advanced package offers along with one return visit to redo water tests. As well as the initial 2 part dosing products, plus magnesium. You will also receive a full range of trace element supplements to get you started on growing your own coral reef. 




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